Shibaura Butsuryu Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company Name Shibaura Butsuryu Co., Ltd.
Incorporated April, 2014
Capital ¥10,000,000.
Stockholders Shibaura Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • President and Representative DirectorKimitoshi Nishino
  • DirectorNobuyuki Ohkawa
  • DirectorHirotsugu Seki
  • AuditorMasatoshi Saito
Number of Employees 13 as of April 2022
Line of Business Transportation, warehousing, real estate leasing
Headquarters ShibauraCrystal Shinagawa, 6-41, 1-chome,Konan,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0075,Japan
TEL +81-03-3474-4310    FAX +81-03-3471-2481
Transportation Division 2-1,1-chome,Nishiura,Funabashi-shi,Chiba 273-0017,Japan
TEL +81-047-420-3353    FAX +81-047-420-3354
Warehousing Division 2-1,1-chome,Nishiura,Funabashi-shi,Chiba 273-0017,Japan
TEL +81-047-431-0191    FAX +81-047-431-0195

Primary Clients

Primary Banks
  • MUFG Bank, Ginza Branch
  • Mizuho Bank, Shinagawa Branch

Business Outline

Transportation Division It has been more than 60 years since our company was first incorporated under its previous name, Konan Unyu Co., Ltd.
We work night and day to provide our customers with safe, accurate, and speedy transportation services with the ultimate aim of ensuring safe driving and increased customer satisfaction.
    · Vehicle Fleet
  • Trailers4
  • Trucks4
Warehousing Division Since the company’s founding, we have primarily handled steel materials. Our entire building is a customs bonded area, which enables us to receive products from both Japan and overseas. The company is operated using modern, mobile equipment and by encouraging our expert employees to follow our motto, More accurately, Faster. That is why our shipping customers put such a great amount of trust in us.
    · Warehouse Scale
  • Property Size16,792 ㎡
  • Building Size4,529 ㎡
  • Storage Capacity20,000 ㎡