Shibaura Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company Name Shibaura Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Founded March, 1932
Capital ¥60,000,000.
Stockholders Shibaura Holdings, Inc.
  • Executive chairmanHiroyuki Ohkawa
  • President and Representative DirectorNobuyuki Ohkawa
  • Managing DirectorHirotsugu Seki
  • DirectorTsuguo Seki
  • AdvisersMamoru Seki
  • AuditorMasatoshi Saito
Number of Employees 39 as of end of March 2019
Line of Business Real estate leasing, cutting/processing/sale of steel sheeting/plates
Headquarters Shinagawa Crystal Square 13F, 6-41,Konan 1-chome,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0075,Japan
TEL +81-03-3474-0452    FAX +81-03-3471-2481
Muroran Division 3-1-11,Higashi-machi,Muroran-shi,Hokkaido 050-0083,Japan
TEL +81-0143-44-7711    FAX +81-0143-44-7717
Hiroshima Division 2-2-40,Saijo-Yoshiyukihigashi,Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima 739-0008,Japan
TEL +81-082-423-6001    FAX +81-082-423-6003

Primary Clients

Primary Banks
  • MUFG Bank, Ginza Branch
  • Shizuoka Bank, Oimachi Branch
  • Shoko Chukin Bank, Oshiage Branch
  • Mizuho Bank, Shinagawa Branch
Primary Client Manufacturers
  • Nippon Steel Corporation
Primary Client Trade Companies (Abbreviated names, in no particular order)
  • MM&Kenzai Corporation Hokkaido Branch
  • Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Steel Trading Corporation, Hokkaido Branch
Primary Clients (Abbreviated names, in no particular order)
  • Japan Steel Works Muroran Plant
  • Nikko Mec Company
  • Nippon Steel Texeng. Company, Ltd.
  • Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd.
  • Summit Steel Corporation

Real Estate Division

Primary Leased Properties
  • Shinagawa Crystal Square
  • Shibaura Sangyo Building
  • Kounan Park Building
Primary Tenants (Abbreviated names, in no particular order)
  • Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Philips Electronics Japan, Ltd.

Works Introduction

Muroran Division
    · Works Scale
  • Property Size9,094 ㎡
  • Building Size3,349 ㎡
  • Office Area (Total) 297 ㎡
    · Works Information
  • Cutting (plasma, gas, and shearing): 600 t to 800 t a month
    · Processing Facilities
  • NC plasma cutting machine1
  • NC gas cutting machine with back drill1
  • NC gas cutting machine1
  • Mini-tray gas cutting machine1
  • Grand shearing machine1
  • Overhead travelling crane 20t1
  • Overhead travelling crane 10t2

  • NC laser cutter

  • NC plasma cutter
    · Operations Information
  • Only company in Hokkaido that sells SS400, SM490A, and 220mm thick-gauge cut steel plates.
Hiroshima Division
    · Works Scale
  • Property Size5,689 ㎡
  • Building Size1,374 ㎡
  • Office Area (Total) 200 ㎡
    · Processing Facilities
  • 3D CAD/CAM
  • 3.5kw NC Laser cutting machine (Size:1524x3048)1
  • Press brake 170t (Other:80t,35t)3
  • Welding machine (Other:TIG/CO2)3
  • Shearing machine (6mmMax)1
  • Iron worker1
  • Radial drilling machine1
  • Spray chamber1

  • NC Laser cutting machine

  • Press brake
    · Operations Information
  • Productions and sales of machined,pressed and/or welded parts for industrial machinary.