Shibaura Shearing Co., Ltd.
Shibaura Shearing Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Business Division Steel Plate Division,Urayasu Works

The Urayasu Works serves as the steel plate processing and sales hub for the Kanto area, cutting and processing steel used to make industrial equipment, construction machinery, and civil engineering machinery. It also utilizes the neighboring Shibaura Soko as a materials yard for sales, answering the needs of customers throughout East Japan. Harnessing the company’s cutting-edge facilities and rich experience under a strictly managed system (having acquired ISO 9001 certification in October 2007), we deliver high quality products that have earned us the trust and esteem of our customers.

Processing Facilities

  • NC 5KW Fiber laser cutter1
  • NC 4KW Laser cutter2
  • NC gas cutter6
  • NC plasma cutter(400A)1
  • Semi-automatic welding machine2
  • NC Gas bevel-cutting robot1
  • Mechanical bevel-cutting machine1
  • 1,000t hydraulic press (level correction) 1
  • Radial drill press2

  • NC 4KW Laser cutter

  • NC gas cutter

Operations Information

Our company is able to handle hot strip steel from thin sheets to thick plates in various forms with a variety of high performance cutting equipment, and can also provide customers with beveling, welding and drilling processing services. We also store bulk steel material for shearing, so feel free to contact us with any inquiries.