Shibaura Shearing Co., Ltd.
Shibaura Shearing Co., Ltd.

Tsuchiura Business Division,Tsuchiura Steel Plate Division

Tsuchiura Steel Plate Division is made up two factories in the northern Kanto area, Tsuchiura Steel Plate Factory and Tsuchiura Processing Plant. The division is a hub for cutting, processing, and sales in the area, and primarily cuts and processes steel plates used to make construction machinery. Based in the most thorough quality control, the two factories manufacture high quality products with high added value. Utilizing advanced systems allows Tsuchiura Steel Plate Division to always deliver on time.

Tsuchiura Works

Tsuchiura Steel Plate Division boasts a number of different machine tools including cutting-edge NC cutters and gas cutters, which make it possible to undertake all forms of steel processing from cutting to edging and deliver high-quality products. The factory received ISO 14001 certification in December 2006.

Processing Facilities

  • NC 6KW Laser cutter1
  • NC 4KW Laser cutter5
  • NC 2KW Laser cutter1
  • NC gas cutter8
  • NC Gas bevel-cutting robot10
  • bevel-cutting machine5
  • Shot blasting machine1
  • Straightener roll2

  • NC 6KW Laser cutter

  • NC Gas bevel-cutting robot

Tsuchiura Precessing Works

Tsuchiura Processing Works is the secondary metal working factory for steel plate destined for use in construction machinery. This facility is installed with a large amount of machining equipment that gives the plant the technological capacity to offer all forms of processing, from bending to machining, and it operates under the strictest of quality assurance systems. The factory received ISO 14001 certification in December 2008.

Processing Facilities

  • Hydraulic press (2,000t)1
  • Hydraulic press (1,500t)1
  • Hydraulic press (1,000t)3
  • Hydraulic press (300t)3
  • Hydraulic press (200t)1
  • Hybrid hydraulic bender (350t)1
  • Mechanical bender (300t)1
  • Hydraulic bender (85t)1
  • Roll bender (3.5m・2.0m)1
  • NC horizontal boring machine3
  • NC center drilling machine2
  • Radial drill press2
  • Lathe3
  • Milling machine2
  • Vertical machining center1

  • Hydraulic press (2,000t)

  • Roll bender

Operations Information

Our factory has a thorough understanding of all steel plate cutting and edging processes and this allows us to deliver high-quality products. We are very flexible, and can handle small lots and multi-product orders. In addition, we can provide integrated processing operations that include bending, drilling, and other secondary machining work in cooperation with Shibaura Processing Plant, so feel free to approach us with any questions.