Shibaura Shearing Co., Ltd.
Shibaura Shearing Co., Ltd.

Tsuchiura Business Division,Yamagata Steel Plate Division

Yamagata Works

Yamagata Works has been answering the steel plate needs of customers in Northeast Japan since the factory was established in 1988. The works cuts and processes steel plate for use in the fabrication of construction machinery, industrial machinery, and construction processing products, with our main customer being Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino Co., Ltd. With the most advanced NC equipment, including laser and plasma cutters, the works is able to provide customers with the quality products they need at the prices and times they want.( having acquired KES certification in July 2010, followed by companywide ISO9001 integrated certification in September 2017)

Processing Facilities

  • NC 6KW Laser cutting machine1
  • NC 4KW Laser cutting machine1
  • NC plasma cutting machine1
  • NC plasma cutting machine2
  • NC Gas beveling robot3
  • Plasma beveling robot1
  • Mechanical beveling machine3
  • Vertical machining center1
  • Portable gas cutting machine10
  • Radial drill press1
  • NC Auto-borer1
  • Milling machine1
  • Shot blasting machine1
  • Lathe2
  • Automatic welding line1
  • Welding robot1

  • NC Gas bevel-cutting robot

  • NC 4KW Laser cutter

  • NC Auto-borer

Operations Information

We use the latest equipment to provide a variety of steel plate cutting services that our customers in Northeast Japan are looking for. We can provide the products you want with the quality, price, and delivery time you need, so feel free to contact us.