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Responding to changing needs    Aiming for 100 years of safe business

The Shibaura Group was founded more than 85 years ago with the establishment of Shibaura Shearing , and over the course of these decades, we have been honored to receive the custom of a great number of business partners. Shibaura Shearing has always cut and sold steel with the philosophy of providing quick delivery of exactly what was needed, exactly when it was needed, and in exactly the right amount.
Shibaura Shearing stands at the heart of the group, and the company continuously updates its facilities with gas, plasma and laser cutting, leveling lines, automatic shearing machines, and other numerically controlled equipment, and with the newest processing equipment such as edge preparation machines and presses. This allows the company to better respond to changing needs in shearing and processing procedures, and in technologies for the modern day. It has also allowed us improve our own skills, to use our rich experience in cutting and processing steel ? from thin sheets to ultra-thick plates and to be proud that we serve the needs of customers all over the world.
Each company in the group is deeply involved in the steel plate trade from sale to storage to transport and recently, the asset management division of the company has taken on an even larger role. I would like to express my appreciation for the vast amount of support we have received from manufacturers like our long-time partner Nippon Steel Corporation , from trading houses, and from our valued customers. At the same time, we have introduced our “Safety Base” concept, and each company in the group continues to work hard to become even more reliable, and to continue to earn the trust of our customers.
Many thanks to all of our customers for your support and continued patronage.

Shibaura Group Representative