― Shibaura Group Corporate Philosophy ―

Shibaura Safe Industry   The “Safety Base” Declaration

1. We at the Shibaura Group will strive to create products that will satisfy our customers, and constantly work to ensure that we earn the trust of each and every one. The “Safety Base” structure will be our highest priority in our aim to make our group even stronger.

2. We will successfully earn customer trust through the properly balanced combination of three factors: quality, lead time, and cost. The foundation upon which those pillars will be built is safety, hence the name of our strategy ? Safety Base.

3. Our company manages all aspects of production and sale, and our Safety Base philosophy is successfully realized through the self-management activities of our employees (jishu kanri or JK in Japanese) and through promotion of the 5S method. From that, we aim to improve the knowledge base of each company in the group and increase our corporate value through group management.