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Company Profile

Company Name

Shibaura Sangyo Co., Ltd.


March, 1932




Shibaura Holdings, Inc.


President and Representative Director : Nobuyuki Ohkawa
Director : Hirotsugu Seki
Director : Kouji Seki
Auditor : Masatoshi Saito

Number of Employees

38 as of the end of March 2024

Line of Business

Real estate leasing, cutting/processing/sale of steel sheeting/plates


Shinagawa 13F, 6-41,
Konan 1-chome,
Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0075,Japan
TEL +81-03-3474-0452
FAX +81-03-3471-2481

Muroran Division

3-1-11,Higashi-machi,Muroran-shi,Hokkaido 050-0083,Japan
TEL +81-0143-44-7711
FAX +81-0143-44-7717

Hiroshima Division

TEL +81-082-423-6001
FAX +81-082-423-6003

Primary Clients

Primary Banks

MUFG Bank, Ginza Branch
Shizuoka Bank, Oimachi Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Oshiage Branch
Mizuho Bank, Shinagawa Branch

Primary Client Manufacturers

Nippon Steel Corporation
JFE Steel Corporation

Primary Client Trade Companies

Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals Co., Ltd.
MM&Kenzai Corporation Hokkaido Branch
Nippon Steel Trading Corporation, Hokkaido Branch
(Abbreviated names, in no particular order)

Primary Clients

Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc.
Nippon Steel Texeng.Co.,Ltd.
Narasaki Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd.
Japan Steel Works HIroshima Plant
Satake Corporation,ltd.
(Abbreviated names, in no particular order)

Real Estate Division

Primary Leased Properties

ShibauraCrystal Shinagawa
ShibauraCrystal Ginza
Kounan Park Building etc.

Primary Tenants

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Kajima Corporation
Masukawa Construction Co.,Ltd.
Trust Advisers Corporation
Ninomiya Construction Co.,Ltd.
(Abbreviated names, in no particular order)

Works Introduction


Muroran Division

3-1-11,Higashi-machi,Muroran-shi,Hokkaido 050-0083,Japan
【TEL】 +81-0143-44-7711
【FAX】 +81-0143-44-7717 Google Map
Only company in Hokkaido that sells SS400, SM490A, and 220mm thick-gauge cut steel plates. Steel plates are cut by plasma cutting, gas cutting, and shearing, and 200 to 400 tons are cut per month.

Works Scale

Property Size 9,094 ㎡
Building Size 3,349 ㎡
Office Area (Total) 297 ㎡

Works Information

Cutting (plasma, gas, and shearing) : 500t a month

Processing Facilities

NC plasma cutting machine

NC gas cutting machine with back drill

NC gas cutting machine

Mini-tray gas cutting machine

Grand shearing machine

Overhead travelling crane 20t

Overhead travelling crane 10t

NC plasma cutter
NC gas cutter
Portable cutting machine

Hiroshima Division

2-2-40,Saijo-Yoshiyukihigashi,Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima 739-0008,Japan
【FAX】+81-082-423-6003 Google Map

Works Scale

Property Size 5,680.5 ㎡
Building Size 2,539.4 ㎡
Office Area (Total) 285 ㎡

Processing Facilities


3.5kw NC Laser cutting machine (Size:1524×3048)

Press brake 170t(other 80t・35t)

Welding machine (Other:TIG/CO2)

Shearing machine (6mmMax)

Iron worker

Radial drilling machine

Tabletop drilling machine

Spray chamber

10-deck steel rack(2t×6m)

Operations Information

Productions and sales of machined,pressed and/or welded parts for industrial machinary.
NC Laser cutting machine
Press brake(130t)
Press brake(170t)
Please contact each company or office for quotations,
inventory inquiries, etc.