Tsuchiura Business Division, Yamagata Steel Plate Division

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Tsuchiura Business Division, Yamagata Steel Plate Division

Yamagata works was established in 1988 in Tachiyagawa Industrial Park in Yamagata City and has supplied cut and processed steel plates mainly for construction machinery, industrial machinery and steel plates for construction. In addition to our latest cutting facilities such as laser, oxygen gas and plasma cutting machines, second processing facilities such as beveling, drilling, welding and bending machines are expanded lately to increase added value. New Yamagata works’ construction was completed in early 2021 and its total operation was moved to new location in March 2021. Yamagata works is striving to add more value and respond to the any needs for steel processing from our customers.

Yamagata Works

1232-32, Hananoki, Yoshida, Kahoku-cho, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata, 990-3502, Japan
【FAX】+81-0237-84-6771 Google Map

Processing Facilities

9KW Fiver-laser cutting machine

NC 4KW Laser cutting machine

NC Gas cutting machine

NC plasma cutting machine

NC Gas beveling robot

Plasma beveling robot

Mechanical beveling machine

Portable gas cutting machine

NC Auto-borer

Milling machine


3-roll bending machine

Shot blasting machine

Vertical machining center

Automatic welding line

Welding robot

Flatness correction roll

9KW Fiver-laser cutting machine
NC plasma cutting machine
Welding robot
3-roll bending machine

Operations Information

We use the latest equipment to provide a variety of steel plate cutting services that our customers in Northeast Japan are looking for. We can provide the products you want with the quality, price, and delivery time you need, so feel free to contact us.
Please contact each company or office for quotations,
inventory inquiries, etc.