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Company Profile

Company Name

Shibaura Shearing Co., Ltd.


March, 1932


September, 1959




Shibaura Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Nippon Steel Corporation


President and Representative Director : Nobuyuki Ohkawa
Senior Managing Director : Kiyoshi Yoshida
Managing Director : Hirotsugu Seki
Managing Director : Kouji Seki
Director : Koya Ishisaka
Director : Akio Kurihara
Auditor : Masatoshi Saito

Number of Employees

286 as of the end of March 2024

Business Outline

Cutting of various types of steel plate and banded/coiled steel, secondary working and sales, warehousing, real estate leasing.

Processing Outline

Various cutting methods including shearing, gas, plasma and laser, levelling, bending, machine processing


ShibauraCrystal Shinagawa, 6-41,Konan
Tokyo 108-0075,Japan
TEL +81-03-3474-4311
FAX +81-03-3471-2481

Tokyo Business Division

Steel Plate Division Urayasu Works No1~4, Coil Steel Plate Division Funabashi Works

Tsuchiura Business Division

Tsuchiura Steel Plate Division Tsuchiura Works No1~4, Yamagata Steel Plate Division Yamagata Works

Primary Clients

Primary Banks MUFG Bank, Ginza Branch Shizuoka Bank, Oimachi Branch Shoko Chukin Bank, Oshiage Branch Mizuho Bank, Shinagawa Branch Shonai Bank, Yamagata Branch
Primary Client Manufacturers Nippon Steel Corporation JFE Steel Corporation Kobe Steel, Ltd. Chubu Kohan Company
Primary Client Trade Companies Nippon Steel Trading Corporation Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. Metal One Corporation Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals Co., Ltd. Mitsui & Co. Steel Ltd. Hanwa
Co., Ltd. Sato
tion JFE Shoji Trade Corporation Toyota Tsusho Corporation Primary Clients (Abbreviated names, in no particular order)
Primary Clients Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan Co., Ltd. Amada Co., Ltd. Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino Co., Ltd. Aida Engineering, Ltd. Ohgishi Industry Co., Ltd. Isuzu Motors Limited Ninomiya Industries Co., Ltd. Ondo Metal Co., Ltd. Elliott Group Marutatsu Co. Ltd. Geoster Corporation SK Cylinder Co., Ltd. Kato Works Co., Ltd. Okura Ltd. IHI Corporation Hino Motors, Ltd. Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated names, in no particular order)

Organizational Chart


Company Profile

Tokyo Business Division

Steel Plate Division
Urayasu Works

芝浦シヤリング東京事業部 厚板部・浦安工場
Cutting and processing of steel sheets for industrial machinery, construction machinery, and civil engineering products, and sales of steel sheets

Coil Steel Plate Division
Funabashi Works

Cutting and processing of steel sheets for automotive parts, high-pressure vessels, civil engineering processed products, and construction machinery, and sales of steel sheets

Tsuchiura Business Division

Tsuchiura Steel Plate Division
Tsuchiura Works

Secondary processing such as cutting, bending, and machining of steel plates for construction and industrial machinery

Yamagata Steel Plate Division
Yamagata Works

Cutting and processing of steel plates for construction and industrial machinery

Company Events

Autonomous Management

It was kicked off in 1981 under the guidance of Nippon Steel Corporation, one of our shareholders at that time. We have held the meeting once a year and celebrated the 70th meeting in 2019. Autonomous management activities (JK) are activities in which a small group decides on a theme and works to resolve issues.

JK (Autonomous Management) Activity Philosophy · Promote self-fulfillment by helping all employees enhance their abilities and encourage creativity. · Respect each other’s sense of humanity and create a workplace that is active and cheerful. · Use these activities to help develop the company’s business and contribute to the company as a whole.

The Shibaura Club

The Shibaura Club is a cooperative effort between the company and its employees, with the aim of encouraging better communication. Company-wide trips and sports days are each undertaken once a year, and the company actively supports the baseball team, futsal team, and other club activities.

Company-wide trips

Company-wide sports days

Club Activities


Baseball Team

【Activities】 · Our company takes part in baseball tournaments held by the Kyobashi Tetsuyukai, the National Union of Steel Plate Shearing Companies, Urayasu Steel Industry Union, Tekkoren, and the National Federation of Steel Distributors. · The Tsuchiura Office also has its own baseball team, and the teams participate in tournaments and practice games together.

Tokyo Culture Club

【Activities】 · The club takes an annual ski trip to the Yuzawa area, and also goes on hiking trips and participates in other events.

Futsal Team

【Activities】 · Established at the Tsuchiura Office in August 2001. · Practices are once a week and the team takes part in the Pureness Monthly Tournament every month. (Tournament : the Pureness Monthly Tournament) “The team is mostly made up of beginners, but everyone takes their futsal very seriously. Naturally, their goal is to win a tournament.”

Runner club

【Activities】 · Established in January 2012 · Unlike other club activities, we do not have many opportunities to participate in the same events together, but we enjoy our activities by participating in various events individually. · We have participated in the Kasumigaura Marathon, Tsukuba Marathon, and other full marathons, as well as the Shibaura-Konan Road Race and the Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.
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